Jazz St-Bruno Retirement Home Services

At the Jazz St-Bruno, everything is in place to let you enjoy life to the fullest. We provide high-quality personalized service. Day after day, our considerate and caring team is focused on your well-being. 

A Comforting Environment

Security Above All Else

A secure environment is of primary concern when choosing a retirement home. Our qualified staff, available 24/7, will always be there to assist you in every detail or to take care of you if need be. 

Jazz St-Bruno complies with every certification standard in force to ensure the security of its residents. 

Food Services

Your taste buds will call out for more.

Our chef is driven by a passion to prepare balanced and delicious meals for you. After all, good food remains one of life’s greatest pleasures. Each passing season is a source of inspiration which stimulates the creativity of our chefs. That is the reason why our menus are regularly updated. Our dining rooms, featuring table service, represent the ideal place to make new friends. 

If you prefer eating in the comfort of your own apartment, it is be possible to have your chef-prepared meal delivered for your private enjoyment.

Assistance and Health Care

Because every resident is unique

We provide a full range of health care and assistance, from occasional supervision to full monitoring. We want to provide the best care possible to ensure your comfort and security.

Services de santé

Attentive nursing staff present 7 days a week

A constant focus on privacy

Support to help you dress and move about

Services covering short-term stays and recovery

Medication management

Follow-up on tests and examinations, such as anti-coagulant tests carried out by our nursing assistants


There is nothing better than a clean and orderly home.

Our specialized housekeeping teams will ensure that your apartment is spotless, allowing you to spend your time as you see fit. After our employees have done their work, you will find an apartment which is sparkling clean..

You may choose a service carried out weekly, every 14 days, or once a month, whatever is most convenient. 

Laundry and Cleaning Services

Let us spoil you.

Our team can take care of cleaning your sheets, your towels and even your clothes. That is one less chore for you to do, thereby allowing you to enjoy each day and do as you please.

Electric Automobile

The pleasure of being independent, the peace of mind of feeling secure.

Jazz St-Bruno’s Jazzauto will allow you to travel by car whenever you feel like it. Think of what it will be like to have a free car at your disposal. Even better, an electric car! You will no longer have to own an automobile. Remember, owning a car represents a major expense when it is not used regularly. To ensure your peace of mind, Cogir Auto is equipped with integrated GPS and safety features.

If you prefer not to drive, volunteer drivers will be available.

Multi-Service Centre

In-House Professionals

With the Multi-Service Centre, you will have access to a wide range of services provided by certified and carefully screened professionals. This feature will allow you to avoid spending time travelling to different offices or clinics. All these services are provided in the comfort of the Jazz St-Bruno retirement home.

For example, here are a few of the services provided:



Physical therapists

Hearing aid specialists



Massage therapists





And much more