Jazz St-Bruno Common Areas

The Jazz St-Bruno retirement home will beckon to you not only with its many common areas and activities, but also with other areas which you may reserve to welcome friends and family for special occasions – or even no occasion at all.

Warm and Modern Areas

A great deal of equipment and activities will be at hand in your home, both inside and out.  

Imagine enjoying life in these areas:


Billiard room

Game room

Dining room

Indoor pool

Wine cellar

Piano lounge


Arts and entertainment rooms

The following amenities and services will also be at your disposal:

Yoga and exercise room

Family room and private dining room in which to welcome family members

Wine cellar with private areas

Bistro and café

Outdoor terrace

Green roof and vertical garden

Nearby cycling path

Movie room

Bowling alley

Free electric automobile at your disposal

And much more!